Session 59

The Surprise of the Stalagbites

This session was played on Monday, August 5, 2013.

The party ventured forth into the Caverns of Archaea once again. While exploring a new cavern, the party was ambushed by skeletons. Bravely the torch bearer slayed one of these undead horrors while the party's faithful watchdog cowered away from the unnatural creatures. Sadly Grundle was slain by two skeletons who managed to gang up on him while Brother Maynard missed with a mighty toss of his club and Barford was knocked unconscious. Yorick and the torch bearer managed to fend them off and the party quickly retreated to town to regroup.

The thug Verech joins the party with hired mage Krakus and man-at-arms Warwick. The party encountered a horde of zombies, but decided they had had enough with undead and fled back to town while the zombies shuffled uselessly about.

The next day the party investigated a small cave that was empty, then moved on to a cave with a unique copse of giant mushrooms. As the party proceeded, they walked right into a Kobald trap! With a pit in front of the party and only a narrow passage behind them, Kobalds began to throw spears and rocks at the party from across the pit while another group flanked around to cut off escape! The party valiantly stood their ground and launched their own missile weapons in return. Sadly Ulik died while Brandal had great difficulty finding his footing this day and missed a three critical moments. Wary of the flanking group, Yorick threw a flask of oil at the entrance to the narrow passage and Brother Maynard lit the patch with his torch as 4 Kobalds stepped into it and were consumed in flames. Many Kobalds died this day, but a few fled to tell the tale.

As the party ventured forward, they discovered a large stash of electrum coins! Emboldened by this reward, they ventured deeper into Kobald territory. A swarm of Stirges ambushed the party and two attached themselves to the party's faithful guard dog Sir Barksalot. The party managed to save the pooch by yanking the stirges off and stomping them into goo. The party kills the remaining stirges before anyone else is "bitten" by their dagger-like faces.

The passage gave way to a large open cavern riddled with stalactites and stalagmites. A lone Kobald stood at it's center, staring curiously at the adventuring party. As they approached, the Kobald let out a call and the situation quickly turned deadly as grounded stalagmites turned out to be monstrous Stalagbites! Creatures of stony skin and toothy maws, they shuffled forward chomping at the party. Yorrick is taken by surprise and is knocked out while Krackus the hired mage is devoured. The party battles bravely and manages to hold their ground while taking out two of the rocky horrors. Asheron manages to aim his weapon well and pierce the brain of one, killing it in one blow! Yorrick comes to his senses with the battle raging around him. Brother Maynard beats down the last one after Warwick is knocked off his feat. Quickly gathering any spoils of the battle, the party fled back to town with a handful of gems from the innards of the Stalagbites.

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