Session 60

Moander's Minions

This session was played by Thug, the human fighter,
Gilthak the cleric of Mystryl
Brother Maynard, the cleric of Crom,
Brandall, the stealthy halfling
and a Dwarf whose name is absent from the wiki.
also, hirelings.

This session was played on Monday, October 21, 2013.

the party cautiously probed into the dark cave, looking for traps or enemies. when nothing was revealed the party entered. The party immediately came across a room full of mushrooms, having ran into the screaming variety before, the party was cautious. fartunately, the mushrooms were of regular variety and samples were collected to bring to the alchemist for potions.


The party then noticed torchlight coming from down the hall. Brandall went to go investigate and saw several cultists in plate mail. the party snuck up and ambushed them, giving us a surprise round of attack. The battle that ensued was dangerous and long fought. this was due to cultists' platemail granting them a very high AC making them exceptionally difficult to hit. During the combat the cultists employed a strange spell that formed a tootyh maw on their and and drained the party's hitpoints with these nefarious attacks. The party tried to blind them but failed (Gilthak's lightspell) and chop them down (mostly Thug and man at arms). Fortunately, the cultists had very few hitpoints and went down after one or two hits. after the battle the corpses were looted and everyone received gold and dented platemail.


The party searched an adjacent room finding nothing in it, except for a hole at the far end where voices could be heard from the other side.


After going to town and resupplying, the party ventured forth once again. This time giant weasels attacked from the darkness. The battle was hard fought, and the weasels downed the halfling and dwarf to 0 hitpoints [they survived by the skin of their teeth] Gilthak blinded one with a lightspell, making the battle slightly more favourable for the party, and the beasts were eventually cut down. They were skinned and their pelts were sold at a premium. gold and exp for all.

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