Session 61

Exploration of the Caverns of Archaia

This session was played on Thursday, December 12, 2013.

The party consisted of:

Grewl Hamfist the dwarf
Francis Snaggletooth the Halfling
Freshlyfe the Cleric
Remius Glaurfumbil the Elven

It also included Durgar the dwarven man-at-arms and Duff the Wardog.


The party decided to enter a cave that showed signs of previous stone workmanship rather than enter one of the more natural looking caves.
At the cave entrance, Frank the hobbit began scouting ahead, followed closely by Remius. Frank was first alerted to a growling that came from the depths of the cave. Before he could react, Frank was set upon by a small pack of desperate wolves (male, female, and adolescent pup). Durgar and Remius were also drawn into the fray.
In short, with the help of the dwarves and Duff the dog, the party killed the wolves. Frank was seriously wounded but was subsequently healed by Freshlyfe.
In the wolves' den, the party found a diamond ring (400 gp) and 3 bloodstone gems.
When the party continued on, Remius began scouting ahead, poking with his 10' pole. After noticing a pool in the distance, the party heard a splash (or was that a sploosh?). Remius and Durgar were set upon by three giant centipedes. Duff the wardog rushed into the fray and chomped a centipede. In the combat, Durgar was bitten and succumbed to the centipede's sickening bite.
To sum up, the party made short work of the centipedes but Durgar was violently ill and, from then on, a liability.
The party investigated the pool (6' deep?), poking around, but not exploring further. Treasure could still be down there.
Near the pool, the party found another entrance/exit that was overgrown with foliage and vines. This opening was not visible from the outside.
At this point, the party decided to take Durgar back to town (Helix?) and cash in on the treasure and restock.

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