Session 62

Searching for the Ancient Temple of Moander

This session was played on Thursday, December 19, 2013.

The party consisted of:

Grewl Hamfist the dwarf
Francis Snaggletooth the Halfling
Freshlyfe the Cleric
Remius Glaurfumbil the Elven

It also included Thurg the dwarven man-at-arms and Duff the Wardog.

…and later

Deryk the Fighter
Galaxina the Magic-User with her wardog called Big Red Dog
Brother Maynard the Cleric of St. Ygg
Fredrick the Forgiving the Cleric of St. Ygg
Rotgash the man-at-arms and Nanuum the torch-bearer


Upon entering a natural looking cave, Grewl Hamfist and Duff the Wardog were surprised by centipedes on the ceiling. The foul creatures began their attacking, biting into Grewl. Immediately the poison coursed through his body forcing him to expel last nights venison stew. The party rallied around the Man-at-Arms and finished the centipedes and made a haste retreat to town to allow Grewl time to desist with his projectile vomiting. 


The next ten days down the party returned to the cave and ventured north only to be ambushed by four spiders. The spiders began to chew through men at arms, Rotgash, Grewl and Thurg became food for spiders as the party beat a hasty retreat killing all but one spider. Three for three was seen as a fair trade.


The party returned with more help and entered the west cave. Duff the wardog spied a corpse and decided the bones looked delicious only to be poisoned by toxic yellow mould. Allowing time for the air to clear the party mourned the loss of the war dog and returned to the cave. 


Moving forward the party meet up with a group of skeletons that was quickly killed and no less then three poison frogs who were easily licked. The skeletons possessed sacks of gold, emeralds and a scrolls, the frogs unfortunately are not known for carrying large quantities of treasure.


It was at this point that a large statue of a head was discovered in a back room. Approaching the room the party found that anything metal that they possessed was becoming increasingly warm. The party made a retreat and Francis and Frederick disrobed in order to approach the head. Feeling brave the halfling touched the statue only to be stricken with a madness that caused him to sob uncontrollable. Hearing these wails a group of cultists emerged to attack the party. the battle waged as two cultists fell,  the other two were subdued. The group offered no cure for the halfling but informed the party that the statue was of Moander. Seeing no other options the party dispatched the fiends.

The party left to see what could be done about the halfling. In the temple the party was told that a substantial donation would certinly fix their emfebeled comrade. Paying a hefty price in gold, the halfling was returned to "normal" and returned to the cave.


They ventured into an are of worked stone and fine marble to be attacked by THEM, I mean giant ants. The ants made short work of the new war dog BigRedDog and fell Gullik three time before being dispatched. The whole ordeal left the party wounded and tired. The battle was not for naught as a Goblet, some jewellery, platinum bracers and gold was found buried amongst the dead that covered the ant mound.


Following where the cultist emerged from the party discovered a store room filled with five cultists.  Thankfully the mage Galaxina casted a sleep spell rendering them unconscious. Quickly the party took that opportunity to rid the world of five cultist and finding chain and plate mail, clerical scolls, a potion, oil, and took cultist robes.

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