Session 63

A New Campaign to the Lost City of Thracia Begins

This session was played on Friday June 28th, 2014 from 7:30pm to 1:00am.

The party included:

Jarrett Montagne the Fighter (Darren)
Bol Bolenick the Dwarf (Adam)
Kiefer of the Southern Lands (Fighter) (Dan D)
Shiv McCutty the Halfling (Greg)
Hendon the miller's son who served as a scout (NPC)

Worlo the man-at-arms
Otus the man-at-arms
Kromwell the torchbearer

Our group of stalwart adventurers arrived in Bogtown and after a quick glance at the dreary town, they decided to drown their disappointment in the local bar called The Saucy Tart. Upon arriving, they where accosted by a local lunatic who mostly gibbered to himself. Once inside Shiv, Jarrett and Bol tried to recruit some of the patrons to help us finding the local ruins. Kiefer decided to hang back and listen to the local adventurer bands carousing and arguing in the back of the bar. Such bands included the Fearsome Fivesome, Outriders of Uleck, and Gnomeland Security.

The party hired the men-at-arms Otus and Worlo, torchbearer Kromwell, and Hendon the teenage son of the local miller. Hendon led the group to the main entrance of the ruins. A vast sprawling wreckage of an ancient civilization, overgrown by the forest.


They investigated the first ruined building, after passing two statues at the entrance. Seeing the glint of metal shining from the rubble, they cautiously proded the rubble with poles.


This disturbed some sleeping Giant Scorpions!.


Sadly, in the first round of combat Otus was killed by a Giant Scorpion as its massive stinger got him in the facial area. Thankfully the combat was over quickly as Kiefer flanked one scorpion and crushed it under his hammer. The last one was wounded and Jarrett delivered the final blow with the heel of his boot! In the rubble, the party found some ancient gold coins, a handful of gems, and a mysterious potion bottle.

The party went back to town to sell their loot and commemorate their fallen companion, Otus. Once they arrived Shiv haggled with H.H.R. Huffnpuff, the local money lender, jeweler, and dealer of antiquities and fenced the ancient coins and gems for the party.

The second expedition included:

Jarrett Montagne the Fighter
Bol Bolenick the Dwarf
Kiefer of the Southern Lands (Fighter)
Shiv McCutty the Halfling

Worlo the man-at-arms
Frobar the man-at-arms (halfling)
Krull the man-at-arms
Otus the man-at-arms
Kromwell the torchbearer

Hendon the miller's son was let go because he wanted an equal share of treasure.

With renewed strength, restocked equipment, and the help of two new men-at-arms (Frobar the halfling, and Krull), the party returned to the ruins and where ambushed by wolves!


They came bursting out of the nearby ruins and tore viciously into Bol while knocking Frobar down. Worlo and Shiv coordinated their attacks on one wolf and killed it.


Krull was killed when the wolves knocked him off his feet and tore into his throat. Motivated to avenge their dead hireling, the party struck back with force! Bol, Shiv and Jarrett scored killing blows with such ferocity that the combat was over before long.

Just as the party thought it would be safe to bind up their wounds and recoup their strength, a gaggle of lizardmen stumbled upon the group.


Kiefer threw daggers at them while Worlo speared one. The lizardmen advanced, but their attacks missed! Bol threw his oil flask, hoping to trip one up but it was ineffective. Frobar scored a hit with his sling while Kromwell pointed at the lizardmen with all his might!

The lizardmen managed to knock Kiefer off his feet and Worlo took a heavy blow but was still standing. Frobar's sling manageed to finish one off while Jarrett came around for a flanking attack and killed one…then another! Shiv pelted the last one with his sling and it fled.


Exhausted, the party decided to head back to town. As they had not found any loot worth noting besides a scroll on the lizardmen. They carried as many wolves as they could manage. A local miller skins and treats the wolf pelts and the party managesd to sell them to the trading company.

The third expedition included:

Jarrett Montagne the Fighter
Bol Bolenick the Dwarf
Kiefer of the Southern Lands (Fighter)
Shiv McCutty the Halfling

Worlo the man-at-arms
Frobar the man-at-arms (halfling)
Thomore the man-at-arms
Vaako the Porter
Kromwell the torchbearer

Krull the man-at-arms
Otus the man-at-arms

The group hired on Vaako the porter and Thomore the Man-at-arms and headed back to the ruins.

Almost immediately upon arriving, the party was ambushed by more lizardfolk - this time a staggering 8 of the beastly man-lizards. This dastardly creatures had a group of human slaves chained up behind them.


Thomore was killed by a lizardman's javelin as they come barreling out of the ruins.

The party was getting overrun and Frobar was killed by a Lizardman spear!


Worlo had his life snuffed out by Lizardman spear while Jarrett fell prone!


Jarrett regained his balance and fled with the rest of the party leaving Kiefer to be taken captive by the Lizardmen!

The party ran while leaving their fallen companions to the hands of fate.

The fourth expedition included:

Jarrett Montagne the Fighter
Bol Bolenick the Dwarf
Shiv McCutty the Halfling
Fat Brando the Cleric (Dan D)

Medwin the man-at-arms
Raik the man-at-arms
Durmyr the man-at-arms
Lardred the man-at-arms
Medmox the man-at-arms

Krull the man-at-arms
Otus the man-at-arms
Kiefer of the Southern Lands (Fighter) [captured]
Worlo the man-at-arms
Frobar the man-at-arms (halfling)
Thomore the man-at-arms
Vaako the Porter [fled, location unknown]
Kromwell the torchbearer [fled, location unknown]

The party recuperated in the bar and hired on a gang of men-at-arms including Medwin, Raik, Durmyr, Lardred and Medmox. A local cleric who goes by the name Fat Brando joined the group and once more they ventured forth to the ruins!

Deciding to go a different direction this time around, the group explored the area opposite from the lizardmen they found previously


They were immediately attacked by giant toads, which proved much easier to kill than giant scorpions. The toads were dead in a single round of combat. After a quick search of the room, they discovered a rotted wooden box containing two small golden lions!


As they explored further in, they were attacked by a band of tribal warriors. Raik was hit by a spear while Shiv returned fire with his sling!


Using a ledge to hold the upper ground, the party formed a shield-wall and prepareed to receive the berserk warriors.


Durmyr and Medmox were hit during the tribal warrior charge while the tribal cleric summons a host of ghastly skeleton warriors to assist wild tribal assailants.


The fighting intensified as the group valiantly attempted to repel the rampaging savages. Before long, a tribal warrior and a skeleton were slain but Jarrett was slain himself by their platemail clad leader. Bol and Shiv attempted to take out their cleric with ranged attacks while Durmyr slayed one of the barbarians. Lardred is struck down while Raik manages to finished off the cleric with his crossbow.


With only the leader and one skeleton remaining, Fat Brando attempted to tackle the platemail wearing heathen but misseed terribly and fell off the ledge bruising his shin and his pride.


Bol finally killed the leader with a mighty blow from his hammer. With a small haul of treasure (including a scroll, a set of platemail, a glowing staff and some assorted coins and gems), the party headed back to town for a long awaited rest.

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