Session 68

Forbidden Caverns Round Two

This session was played at Sketchbook Comics on Thursday, July 28, 2016 from 8pm to 11pm.

The expedition included:

Alucio Aetherion the Half-Elf Ranger (Alex)
Athelstan the Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Greg)
Trenn the Newblood the Human Assassin (Curtis)
Blithe Danderfluff the Hobbit Thief (Dan B)

And the merry dead band of hirelings:

Mini the Halfling in the Yellow Hat (man-at-arms) (Alex)
Alar the Elvish (man-at-arms) (Greg)

From the Journal, as written by Alucio…

July 28th. We started our day in Eastdale, deciding to head to the Saucy Tart, the local tavern to grab a drink and go rumour hunting. I began to talk to the barkeep who then turned me to Old Alfred. We learned a bit more about the land:

{Lore} In the time before the region, the people who lived here, after the fall of the city but before the rise of Eastdale. The people of this area buried their dead in the cayon walls of archaia. The crypts are relatively recent, say 300-500 years, but still before the rise of Eastdale. Nobody ventures to Archaia now unless they want a quick death.

We learned that a caravan that was traveling from Eastdale to Kirk, was attacked by bandits, and, to our dismay, a hill giant, we should tread carefully along this route…

We were also informed of the local hot spots/businesses of Eastdale. The antique store, Regan's Relics, deals with artifacts, The Red Temple, aligned to St. Ygg. Another temple aligned to Arcantryl, the temple of the Seven Stars. Then there is… The temple of Galactic Consciousness, an off shoot of Arcantryl, people who just harass others, and claim their temple is within their minds or something like that. Trenn made a remark, stating he wants to gain access to that threshold, or something like that, I ignore him too much to care really. Next is the Golden Crown, the money lender/jeweler. A wizard type who is always looking for magic items to purchase. Hudson's Grey Company, a merc guild, who provide guard to caravans, we can ask them about the incident involving the bandits and hill giant. The Broken Hilt, the smithy, of whom we heard has a bed rep, the name reeks of shoddy work.

Trenn wanted to know more about the scroll and the potion, and so we went to the Magician's estate, Muirron. We were greeted by his servant, a cold fella, before meeting Muirron, who was nicer, I suppose. I let Trenn do all the work with talking as frankly, I did not care. Apparently the scroll had 3 minor spells, and the potion needs some time to be researched. Trenn forgetting to ask about prices of appraisal before getting this done, was given the offer of leaving the scroll with him to avoid the costs, to which he did. We could have been rused, and by we, I mean Trenn, to which, I chuckle. Wanting to lighten our pockets we head to the Golden Crown. We met the owner, a gnome covered in jewellery who had two, large, bodyguards. To avoid 10% skimming fees, Trenn and I signed fatality contracts, meaning we could not leave our possessions to others, which is fine, I could care less about what I am not carrying on my person. This allowed the fees to be 5%. We learned Halflings were called Pecks, we learned this as we met our newest comrade in arms, Blithe Danderfluff…. Trenn said, and I quote, "He is a liar like me!"… They are talking… my head hurts. This will be a long day.

Blithe made us go back to the Saucy Tart and bought us a round, he seems nicer than Trenn at least, afterwards we head to the Old Ruins with our band, but not before running into 6 beetles of the giant kind.

Mini and Alar fell in battle!


After dividing their gear amongst ourselves, we burned their bodies and moved to the caverns. Re-looking at the scene, it was the same as last time, however their was a new ruined arch that we had not noticed last time, but due to terrain, we cannot access it. This time, we came to the three caves mentioned in the last entry, and go to the one on the left, but not before a quake struck. The result left a pip coming from the cliff face, and pouring water into the pit, which urged us into the cave. Blithe wanted to sneak in, so we waited at the entrance whilst he scouted ahead. Getting the all clear, we head in. After some traversing, we were hit from behind by undead, and quickly learned edge weapons are infective when compared to blunt weapons against them.


Thankfully Athelstan turned them away with his cleric abilities. Weakened from this encounter, we press on cautiously. As we took a rest, a minor quake struck, but nothing serious. We continued deeper in, eventually coming to a dead end. Using my keen perception, I managed to find a secret door. We opened it to enter a dusty room full of books and scrolls, to which we grabbed and divided up among us. This could be valuable so we decide it is time to go. As we reached the entrance and began to rest, kobolds tried to attack us. Blithe quickly tossed caltrops and we booked it to the top of the pit. We traveled back to Eastdale, nothing of note happened, and when we got back, Blithe bought us all rooms at the Saucy Tart, so we could rest. We came back with heavier pockets, and the loss of two companions upon our (most likely mine alone,) hearts.

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