Session 73

Further Forays in the Forbidden Caverns

This session was played on Wednesday, July13, 2017 from 7:00pm to 10:30pm

Gaviccus the Fighter (Gavin)
Dariella the Half-Elven (Ryane)
Atlas the Cleric of Barbute (Greg)
Ranger Damon of Matt (Dan B)
Thom Hardy the Fighter (Dan D)
Eldras the Arcane (Darren)

And various Men-at-Arms and Torch-Bearers.

Once more the party gathers and sets forth on the promise of adventure and treasure. Upon reaching the Dragon's Tooth Henge they surprised a group of vile Hobgoblins who had made camp at the curious ruin. Seizing the opportunity to make the land safer, Thom the Hardy charges in while Eldras provided cover with his signature sleep spell and the rest of the party rushed forth to take advantage of the sleeping monsters.


In the ensuing battle Dariella scored a most vicious critical hit, nearly taking a Hobgoblin's head off at the neck. Helna the hired Cleric, and Thom's wardog "Snausages" finished off the sleeping Hobgoblins while Thom, Dariella, and Bolix the hired hand picked off the remaining foes who were too resilient to fall prey to Eldras' sleeping spell. Sadly, Pelforth the man-at-arms suffered a lethal wound and did not survive.

Upon defeating these Hobgoblins, the party discovered several barrels of coins. Having more than enough treasure to carry back to town, the party decided to head back and bury their poor fallen comrade.


On their next outing, they found the path to the Caverns of Archaia much less dangerous and reached the canyon without incident. Thom lead the way into a cavern they had previously partially explored to the left side of the canyon floor. Descending deep into ruins, the party was keenly aware that the ancient ceiling could give way at any moment. They came upon a room with two old wooden doors and a portcullis. While checking these doors for traps, the party was attacked from the rear by a pack of mangy giant rats! The party quickly formed ranks at the entrance to the room.


Gaviccus bravely shielded his friends from harm, though he was bitten for his trouble. Bolix, Atlas, Eldras and Helna took up ranged weapons and took down the disease ridden rodents with slings and thrown daggers.

Once the dust had settled, the party opened the door to the north only to be ambushed by its belligerent skeletal inhabitants.


Thom, leading the charge, crushes the skull of the first skeleton with his mace while Damon and Dariella find their slashing and piercing weapons to be less effective. At first the fight goes very well for the party, but takes a tragic turn for the worse as both Darriela and Damon manage to miss badly with ranged attacks and render their own party members (Helna and Atlas) unconscious with accidental friendly fire. The remaining party members quickly finish off the skeletons before they can finish off any wounded party members. The party discovers a backpack of golden coins among the broken remains of these skeletal foes.

In a moment of perhaps momentary insanity, Thom the Hardy puts his nickname to the test by venturing into a very unsafe room to check for treasure. The celing gave way slightly and spilled rocks and rubble down upon him. Unconscious, Thom was rescued by Damon the ranger. The party, weakened from combat, then went back to town.

A third adventure was had this session as the party (minus Gaviccus and Dariella) ventured forth once more to the same cavernous ruin. Taking a path yet unexplored, they discovered a secret room and collected a bookshelf worth of scrolls and books. Eldras found a curious skull, but sundered it upon the floor. In the next room, the party pried a suspicious piece of the floor aside and discovered a golden broach. In the adjacent room, they discovered a pit trap and were immediately ambushed by a pack of nasty Kobalds.


Bolix, taken by surprise, is knocked down by a tossed spear. In response, Eldras put the whole lot of them to sleep and the party finished them off. Finding no further treasure in this area, the party headed back to town.

On a side note, the meteor metals Thom had the smithy melt down are not yet ready for appraisal. Also, whatever Damon was attempting to do with the carcass of the Terrordactyls hasn't come to anything yet either.

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