Session 74

The Lost City of Nemia Awaits!

This session was played on Thursday, July 2, 2020 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Argen the Gnome (Art)
Runt the Wardog
Guy the Fighter (Thaddeus)
Sorlof the Man@Arms
Bren the Cleric of Crom (Derrick)
William the Barely-Known Wizard (Tristan)
Brother Maynard the Cleric of Barbute (Greg)
Loldoon the Man@Arms (Derek)
Yolo the Skittish (DDL)
Jorver the Gnome (Dan A)

Play Summary:
The Night Soil Sovereigns (aka The party) departed the town of Homlet (Known as Duriansgald to the Dwarves) a town in the Northern Reaches region to the East of Threshold. Following rumors of an ancient sunken city known as Nemia the Sovereigns traveled half a day Southward. In the dark and damp swamps they encountered half sunken stone pillars of carved stone, the ruins of a forgotten people. Could it be old Nemia at last?. The Party made a stealthy approach when they first spotted a group of shirtless, well muscled and tattooed men huddled around a camp fire. Then the Sovereigns split the party into 2 teams. A costly mistake as the more lightly armed party pushed South they were quickly discovered by the unfriendly campers and the alarm was sounded! The tattooed men were fierce berserkers commanded by a darkly hooded master. This chance encounter in the mud quickly turned into a desperate battle for survival. The hooded man turned out to be an evil cleric who summoned skeletons using a bag full of human teeth. Brave William (Tristan) fell in battle alongside valiant henchmen Sorlof and steadfast wardog Runt. After licking their wounds the Party looted the bodies to discover some strange items. A hooded lantern-like device with a brightly glowing stone inside and a bronze disk the size of a Frisbee covered in Nemian runes. Not knowing what terrors lurked in the Swamp the party wisely fell back to Homlet to heal and regroup.

Loot Haul:

3x Hand Axes, 1 gp ea = 3 gp
3x Short Swords, 7 gp ea = 21 gp
3x Spears, 3 gp ea = 9 gp

Beserker Leader:
Half Plate Mail - AC 4 -Claimed by Guy Goddard (Claimed by Thaddeus)
Gold and Diamond Ring - 400 GP

Evil Cleric:
Leather Armor = 30 gp
Shield = 10 gp
Mace = 5 gp
Tabard - Hammer w/ Skull (Claimed by Bren)
Potion Bottle?
Pouch w/ 2x Teeth w/ Arcane Runes

50' Rope = 1 gp
Sack w/ 6 Torches and Flint Tinder = 2 sp + 2 sp + 2 gp = 2.4 gp
5x Iron Spikes = 4 sp
Rations for 6 men for 2 weeks (84 Rations) = 42 gp
6x Wineskins = 6 gp
6x Bed Rolls .6 gp

Items of Note:
Small, Strange Square Device - Leather Curtains - 12" Tall x 6" Wide - Glowing Rock
Worn, Leather Satchel - Bronze Disk - size of a Frisbee w/ Numean Runes

Total Coin Value : 27EP (13.5 GP) + 12 GP = 25.5 GP total

Total(Retail) Mundane Gear Value = 155.9 gp/ 77.9 at half value

Gold Ring & Diamond Ring = 400 gp

Grand total = 581gp

Loot Shares:83gp each, 7 Equal Shares
Loot XP: 83XP 7 Equal Shares
Monster XP: 210 XP / 7 Equal Shares = 32XP for PCs & Henchmen. 2 Half Shares 17 Each For each Man At Arms
Total XP: 115 (apply classes based attribute bonus of 5% or 10% as appropriate)

Lessons Learned:
Make sure you are declaring your spells before initiative is rolled. This should be the responsibility of whomever to rolling to remind everyone BEFORE they roll. This was a costly mistake
Ensure every party member, especially NPCs are taking their turn. This cost us a key turn where Maynard who was forgotten did absolutely nothing.
Maintain combat formation in the open. 1st Rank melee, 2nd rank polearms spears, 3rd rank missile specialists. Everyone else missile weapons of spells.
Concentrate fire on a single target till it is down. Priority is killing NPC casters and leaders.
Every player should have missile weapons of some kind at all times. Thrown or otherwise.
The donkey could have joined the combat.

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