Session 75

Into the Mists

Session 75 was played on July 7, 2020 from 7pm to 10:31pm Eastern

Protagonists (In marching order):
1. Mr. Paggins, Wardog - Thaddeus
2. Bren, Human Cleric 1 - Derek
3. Guy, Human Fighter 1 - Thaddeus
4. Luldoon, Human Henchman - Derek
5. Zog, Human Barbarian 1 - Tristan
6. Argen, Gnome Thief 1 - Art
7. Br. Maynard, Human Cleric 1 of Barbute - Greg (NPC)
8. Garph, Human Henchman Cleric 1 - Art
9. Jorver, Gnome Illusionist 1 - Dan A.
10. Wart, Human Henchman - Dan
11. Sir Roswald, Human Paladin 1 - Dan B.
13. Yolo, Halfling Thief 1 - Dan D.
14. Karl, Donkey - Derek

Play Summary:
After resting in Hamelet for 4 full days, replenishing their supplies and hiring more meatshields hirelings the Party proceeded back into the swamps in search of the fabled sunken city of Nemia. After a close call with quicksand (H9) the party then revisited the cold camp of the Northmen (H3) to look for signs of further use. With no found the part proceeded Northwestward and encountered movement in the mists. Arjen the Gnome scouted forward to spot a patrol of 7 Gnolls sulking through the mire. Falling back to cover (in H8) the party initiating an ambush with their missile weapons the party managed to wound and kill several Gnolls before the hyena-men closed with the party. Though victorious Arjen was wounded and knocked out( but survived) and sadly our young torchbearer Zur was killed in the melee. He was avenged!

Several hours of trudging through the marshlands revealed nothing. Till the party encountered a lair of giant lizards (H14) which were quickly dispatched. Yielding 4 plump corpses which were promptly gutted and stowed away. Perfect for making fashionable lizardskin boots!

Pressing onward (H15) the party encountered low ruins with a grisly warning. Multiple spears with human heads decorated the crumbling walls and pillars. The party erred on the side of caution and avoided the area.

Scouring more empty marsh land and traveling Southward the party encountered hooded and black robed cultists who had unearthed 2 chests. The wore the same hammer and skull sigil as the evil Cleric encountered in Session 1. Though Arjen was shot in the back with a sling stone by Br. Maynard the depraved zealots were cut down quickly. Their leader again produced ensorcelled human teeth which sprouted 3 undead skeletal abominations. These vile fiends were turned by Br. Maynard in the name of Barbute. Though quarter was offered the evil cleric fought to the death and was slain. How long till the scourge of these black robed fanatics is driven from the marshes? Could they be working behind the scenes in Hamelet? Just how deep is this evil rot entrenched here in the Northlands?

Loot Haul (note all coin amounts have been consolidated into total gp value rather than listing each coin type found)
7x Gnolls:
Pouch of Tobacco worth 70 gp (counted as treasure)
2 x Long Bows and 24 arrows - Claimed by Sir Roswald and Zog
Coins Only: 54.5 gp

4x Large Lizard Corpses value 2 gp per hd (1 hd) = 8 gp (counted as treasure)

1x Leader - 1x Platinum Bracelet worth 200 gp (counted as treasure), 35 gp in coin
6x Acolytes - 7.4 gp total coins
7x Studded Leather Armor = 210 gp/105 gp
7x Shields = 70 gp/35 gp
7x Warhammers = 49 gp/24.5 gp
7x Black Tabards with Hammer & Skull Device (See Session 1)
Chest 1: 104 gp
Chest 2: 6 gp
Coins only: 152.4 gp
Misc Equipment: 329 gp/164.5

Total Session Coins Only: 206.9 gp
Total Session Treasure Only: 278 gp
Total Session Misc Equipment (List/Half Value): 329 gp/164.5 gp
Total: 649 gp, 4 sp

Lessons Learned:
(Again) Everyone MUST have a missile weapon. No one should be standing idle as the enemy closes on our party. Replenish ammo, rations and water before leaving town. Pre-Combat Equipment check to follow before departing Hamelet next session.

Session XP: 67 ea. Garph gets equal PC share.
Men at Arms Wart and Loldoon each get 34 XP.

Loot XP: 72 XP ea
Loot Share: 72 GP 1 SP each

Total Session XP: 139 (apply class based bonus as appropriate)

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