Session 76

A Barrow at last!

Session 76 was played on July 16, 2020 from 7pm to 10:00pm Eastern

1. Mr. Paggins, Wardog - Thaddeus
2. Bren, Human Cleric of Crom 1 - Derek
3. Guy, Human Fighter 1 - Thaddeus
4. Loldoon, Human Man At Arms - Derek
5. Padrig. Human Fighter 1 - Eric
6. Argen , Gnome Thief 1 - Art
7. Br. Mainard, Human Cleric of Barbute 1 - NPC
8. Garph, Human Cleric 1 - Art
9. Sir Roswald, Human Paladin - Dan B.
10. Yolo, Halfling Thief 1 - Dan D.
11. Karl, Donkey - Derek

Play Summary:

While recovering from their last foray into the swamps the party visited the Seer Shack in Hamelet. A dark and rundown wood hut decorated with skulls and bones located just outside the towns defensive works. There they met the nameless seer; emaciated and mutilated, seated on a throne of bones with mystic symbols painted (tattooed?) on his face. He would not give us his name and said it did not matter. He identified the Bronze Disc looted from the evil cleric in Session 1 as a Relic of Nemeia, a key of some sort. He told us that the Nemians conducted magical experiments on monstrous humanoids to make them into slaves. This slave caste in time grew powerful enough to overthrow their Nemian masters but could not maintain their holdings and the civilization collapsed into ruin. When asked how to find Nemia the Seer said "seek the highest peak". The Seer said he had seen many adventurers pass through the swamps before and if we could prove our worth to him he might consider a partnership of sorts.

The party entered the swamps for a third time in search of Nemia. Skirting the Eastern edge (H20-H22) of the swamps they encountered a cloud burst of heavy rain. Through the deluge slithered a Big Huge Fucking Snake (BHFS) (H23). After a brief battle the BHFS was slain. Mr. Paggins, the party's loyal wardog, dealt the killing blow. The BHFS fangs now adorn his collar as a trophy of his victory. Well done Mr. Paggins!

Trekking onward through the mire a supernatural mist loomed ahead (H24). But it was not a mist at all but a cloud of locusts! In the maelstrom of insects Padraig was separated from the party and knocked unconscious. While searching for him the party stumbled onto a nest of fire beatles. The Beatles shot a nasty acidic goo from their abdomens. Their corpses were taken as trophies and some loot was found in their lair.

The lusty treasure hunters pressed on and finally found something other than monsters and misery in the swamps! A burial mound (H25) was sighted. Its wooden door looked undisturbed; it was ripe for the plundering! Greedily knocking the bones aside, the party helped themselves to the treasures left as offerings for the dead. While the looting frenzy continued they were set upon by 2 zombies who came from the door to the North of the main chamber.

After dispatching the zombies the looting continued. The donkey guards Sir Roswald the Paladin and Yolo entered the dungeon at the parties behest as more zombies (or worse) were feared to be lurking in the crypt below. This mistep would cost Karl the Donkey his life as a hungry Minotaur dispatched him for his evening meal. Karl's braying alerted the party that stormed out of the mound to avenge him. Leading the charge was Bren who closed with the beastman and dealt many a blow. But encumbered by armor and treasure the rest of the party nearly arrived too late as the Minotaur grievously injured Bren. With Bren hanging by just a thread the Minotaur was slain. Crom was with Bren today.

After binding their wounds the party descended back into the mound only to encounter a Grey Ooze hiring on the ceiling. After killing the blob a partially submerged stone sarcophagus was pried open. Inside? A blackened rotting mummy was found. He would have no need for the baubles buried with him and the party absconded with their loot and made their way back to town post haste!

Loot Haul (note all coin amounts have been consolidated into total gp value rather than listing each coin type found)

BHFS x 1
Pouch w/ 6 Bloodstones = 50gp/each (300gp)
2 large fangs (claimed by Mr. Paggins)

Fire Beetles x5
Corpses x 5 = 3 Potions Of Acid
1 Sliver Bracelet 100gp
Potion: Turquoise (Unidentified)

Burial Mound
10 PP = 50gp
Silver Dagger = Mundane
Wooden Sword = No value
2 Damaged Rubies pried from Statue eyes = 50 gp
Small Decorative Vase = 200gp
Electrum Goblet = 50gp
Ancient Scroll = ?
Small Coffer Chest = 35gp
Old Leather Sheath w/ Decorative Dagger with an ornate Wind motif, Claimed by Yolo

Rusty Battle Axe = zero
3 Emeralds = 300gp
Diamond Ring = 300gp
Minotaur Head = No value

Sarcophagus with Mummy
Bloodstone on steel chain = 75gp
Silver Ring = 300gp

Lessons Learned: Have adequate Henchmen to guard our baggage train.

Session (Monster kill) XP: 141xp each for all PCs and leveled NPCs
Men at Arms get 1/2 XP Loldoon each gets 66xp

Loot XP: 207XP ea, Loldoon receives a half share at 97XP
Loot Share: 220gp each for all PCs and leveled NPCs

Total Session XP (Monster + Loot): PCs & Leveled NPCs: 348xp (apply attribute bonus if appropriate), Loldoon Man at Arms: 163xp

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