Session 77

The Keys to Nemia

Session 77 was played on July 21, 2020 from 7pm to 10:17pm Eastern

1. Mr. Paggins, Wardog - Thaddeus
2. Bren, Human Cleric of Crom 1 - Derek
3. Guy, Human Fighter 1 - Thaddeus
4. Loldoon, Human Man At Arms - Derek
5. Padrig. Human Fighter 1 - Eric
6. Argen , Gnome Thief 1 - Art
7. Br. Mainard, Human Cleric of Barbute 1 - NPC
8. Kravdir, Dwarf At Arms - Art
9. Garph, Human Cleric 1 - Art
10. Mulgar, Human Man At Arms - Derek
11. Marmak, Human Fighter 1 - Eric
12. Ed, Donkey - Derek
13. Yolo, Halfling Thief 1 - Dan D.

Play Summary:

After recovering in Hamelet for the past 5 days the party began its preparations for its next expedition. They found themselves with the fewest tomb robbers yet mustered. So a Fighter and 2 new men-at-arms signed on for the foray into the swamps in search of old Nemia. A stop at the Seer Shack netted 250gp for an Ancient Scroll found in session 76. Yolo left his magic dagger with the wind motif with the seer for further research and identification.

The Party pushed due West as they entered the swamps before heading due South (H26). Yolo climbed a pillar revealing a large lake to the SW (Due West of H29). Signs of old encampments were discovered (H27) and a search of the old camp fires revealed gnawed human bones!

The party quickly slew 4 giant frogs that attacked them as they headed Southward (H28)

As the party turned South East they became lost in a heavy fog (H30) wandering till they returned to the area with heads on pikes (H15) before regaining their bearings.

The party's Southward exploration then finally paid off. On a low hill a towering Nemian obelisk was spotted (H32)! After securing the perimeter they discovered an ancient and weathered 3 sided obelisk (Sides facing N, SW, SE) made from white marble with Nemian writing and 3 shallow circular indentations. The indentations perfectly fit the Bronze key found in Session 74. Guy inserted the disc like key and turned it clockwise locking it permanently into place and aligning the runes on the disc with the matching runes on the obelisk. Once locked in a faint blue glow began to emanate from the seated disc. Perhaps this obelisk on a hill is “the highest peak” Seer instructed us to seek in Session 76?

Traveling Southeast the party encountered 5 Gnolls on patrol (H36). Though the party struck their first blow from ambush, with well aimed missile fire, the Gnoll's Shaman cast a devastating sleep spell which disabled half the party. Fighting back against all odds the party won the day with no tomb robbers killed, though brave Mr. Paggins was badly injured.

Soon after the party spotted seven Lizardmen were encountered (H39) accompanied by emaciated, weak looking human slaves. The savage battle ended only when the final blow was struck by Yolo the Halfling thief who mounted his "majestic war steed"; Ed the Donkey who charged the Gnolls, much to their surprise. Then trampling the beastmen under Ed's iron shod hooves, truly he carried the day! The human slaves had fled and could not be located though the sickenly thin corpse of a slave was found hiding in a crevice of the nearby ruins.

A desecrated Temple was to Boccocar an ancient war God was found (H41) next. The players wasted no time searching the temple which seemed to have long been emptied of treasure but the little thieves of the party discovered a hidden cache of treasures under a false floor behind the altar. A thorough search of the altar itself revealed the 2nd bronze key disc for the obelisk! Only one to go now lads!

Loaded with loot and headed for the refuge of Hamelet the party would come upon a battle between bullywugs and Northmen led by an evil cleric, wearing the Skull and hammer on a black tabard. Letting their mutual enemies fight the party waited till the Bullywugs were wiped out before descending on the bloodied Northmen like wolves! The party's massed missile fire struck down the Evil cleric before he could work his tainted magics. Yolo, standing atop his "majestic war steed", drove home the killing blow with a sling stone to the head of the dark priest. The remaining Northmen posed little challenge and were moped up without incident as the party, heavily ladden with loot headed for home. Huzzah!
Loot Haul
Note: All coin denominations have been totaled have been consolidated into GP value when possible.

Seer Shack
Ancient Nemian Scroll (recovered in session 76) = 250gp

4x Giant Frogs
No Loot

Gnolls x 4
2x Longbows & quiver w/ arrows (Bad condition) 1/4 list value: 22gp, 5 sp
2x Short Swords (Bad condition) 1/4 list value: 3 gp, 5 sp
Coins = 139gp, 5sp

Gnoll Shaman
2x Daggers 1/2 List Value =3gp
1x Staff 1/2 List Value = 1gp
Spellbook = ?
Gold Ring = 400gp
Bag of Tobacco = 91gp
Coins =13gp

7x Lizardmen
Coins = 178gp, 5 sp

Temple of Broccocar
Ruby = 750gp
Chipped Emerald = 25gp
Ring = 100gp (Maybe magical Value NOT tallied till identified?)
Blue Potion = ?
Bronze Nemian Disc key - Guy

?x Bullywugs
Coins = 16cp

5x Northmen Berserkers
5x Leather Armor 1/2 List Price =17 gp, 5sp
5x Shields 1/2 List Price = 25gp
5x Long Swords 1/2 List price = 37gp, 5 sp
Coins = 10gp, 5 sp

Evil Cleric
Silver Holy Symbol, Hammer & Skull = 50gp
1/2 Plate Armor AC4 - Claimed by Padrig
Silver Ring = 75gp
Coins =9gp

Lessons Learned:
Massed Missile fire really works! Designate who spefically is binding wounds and who is standing guard after combat concludes. Be specific when indicating what your PC is searching.

Loot Share:
2001gp 5 sp, 16cp = 250gp, 20cp each. 8 Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.

Loot XP:
210 XP. 8x Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
110 XP. 3x 1/2 Shares for Men At Arms.

Monster kill XP:
104 XP: 8X Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
56 XP: 3x 1/2 Shares for Men At Arms.

Total Session XP, Loot XP + Monster Kill XP: ???
(Apply Attribute Bonuses 5% or 10% as appropriate.)

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