Session 79

Frog Yeah!

Session 79 was played on July 28, 2020 from 7:08pm to 9:55pm Eastern


1. Guy, Human Fighter 1 - Thaddeus
2. Bren, Human Cleric of Crom 1 - Derek
3. Padrig, Human Fighter 1 - Eric
4. Marmak, Human Fighter 1 - Eric
5. Mulgar, Human Man At Arms - Derek
6. Argen, Gnome Thief 2 - Art
7. Br. Mainard, Human Cleric of Barbute 1 - NPC
8. Garph, Human Cleric 1 - Art
9. Harold, Human Magic User - Aaron
10. Yolo, Halfling Thief 1 - Dan D.
11. Jorvor Jeeves, Gnome Illusionist 1 - Dan A.
12. Ed, Donkey - Derek

Lessons Summary:

Fractus (Man at Arms, 5HP), the escaped, mute, former lizardman slave continues to convalesce in Hamelet to regain his strength. When asked about the location of the Lizardmen’s base of operations he only pointed at the ground, indicating that the lizardmen are operating from a subterranean lair.

Seer Shack

The Seer identified the Ring found in the Temple from Session 77. It is a Ring of Protection (Unknown bonus) Claimed by Bren.

An unidentified green potion and Spellbook were left with the Seer by Guy and Jorvor respectively and the 50gp identification fee was paid by each.

The then party headed Southward to H50 to investigate the small black stone temple discovered in Session 78 to thoroughly search it to see if it was the blackstone temple mentioned in the stone tablets.

Northmen Ambush

The party was ambushed by six Northmen berserkers led by an evil cleric of Cernabog named Janik. Bren had his first successful turn undead attempt of the campaign as he banished 2 of the skeletons summoned by Janik. The party made short work of the Northmen and Harold the wizard charmed the evil cleric. A friendly interrogation of the charmed Janik revealed that the Cultist base camp is located somewhere in the area due South of H50. It was also revealed that the Cultists of Cernabog are in possession of another Nemian disc key. It is possessed by a Northman fighter named Olek who wears the disc around his neck and wields a giant axe. He is located in the area due South of H38.

Hail Storm

A violent hail storm was encountered in H43 and became progressively worse as the hail stone grew in size. Marmak, Garph and Mulgar were injured by the giant hail stones.

Big Fucking Frog Ambush

A Frog of massive (minivan size) was encountered and using its sticky tongue snared and swallowed Janik who had agreed to walk point. Bren is nearly eaten as well but managed to survive (made Save Vs. Death). Jorver saved Bren by killing the BFF with a crossbow bolt to the eye.

Wolf Pack attack in the Ruins of Blackstone Temple (H50)

The Party finally arrives at its objective and begins its search of the temple. Whilst searching we are set upon by a pack of vicious, mangy swamp wolves. The pack is dispatched in short order. Their hides are too flea bitten and thin to be worth the effort of skinning. The temple is a bust and nothing of note is found.

Lizardmen Shamanic Pillar

H56 a Nemian white marble pillar is decorated with Shamanic tokens of the lizardmen, Feathers, skulls, etc.

Battle with the Bullywugs

A fierce but short battle with a tribe of ambushing Bullywugs results in Harold the Wizard being killed. The Bullywugs have the ability to jump extreme distances and they used this to jump into close combat from all sides. Flanking the party and stabbing Harold with a short sword. It was his first day in the swamps. Guy is diseased while searching a pool.

Loot Haul
Note: All coin denominations have been totaled have been consolidated into GP value when possible.

Northmen Ambush

53gp in ancient Nemian coins worth double value as a historical artefact (106gp)

2 x 50 ft rope (1/2 Value): 1gp

Janik, 4th Level Cleric of Cernabog

½ Plate Armor (AC4) - Claimed by Bren

Mace (1/2 Value) 2gp

Shield (1/2 Value) 5gp

Pouch w/ 3 Bloodstones 300gp

Ring 50gp

Pouch w/ 2 yellowed teeth carved with runes ??

Lizardmen Shamanic Pillar

Human Skull w/ Gold Teeth: 1gp


7 x Bullywugs war frogs and 1 x Leader.

70cp (Not tracking cp unless it is a significant amount)

Ring 25gp

Spawning Pool found jewelry worth 60gp

Lessons Learned: Stay at range, use missile weapons, be wary of ambushes. Every single encounter this session was a surprise attack.

Loot Share:
GP divided into 9 Equal shares for each for all surviving PCs and Leveled Henchmen = 61gp each

58XP. 9x Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
27XP. 1x 1/2 Share for the surviving Man At Arms.

Monster kill XP:
64XP: Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
30XP: Share 1 for the surviving Man At Arms.

Total Session XP, Loot XP + Monster Kill XP: 122XP for PCs & Leveled Henchmen, 57XP for Man at Arms.
(Apply Attribute Bonuses 5% or 10% as appropriate.)

Funeral Pyre XP

100XP for Harold's Funeral Pyre for all who make a 100gp burnt offering.

Man at Arms, 50XP for 50gp burnt offering, PCs & Leveled Henchmen 100XP for 100GP burnt offering.

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