Session 80

Savage out the Gate

Session 80 was played on August 11, 2020 from 7:03pm to 9:59pm Eastern

1. Mr. Paggins, Wardog - Thaddeus
2. Bren, Human Cleric of Crom 1 - Derek
3. Guy, Human Fighter 2 - Thaddeus
4. Marmak, Human Fighter 1 - Eric
5. Mulgar, Human Man At Arms - Derek
6. Padrig, Human Fighter 1 - Eric
7. Argen, Gnome Thief 2 - Art
8. Br. Mainard, Human Cleric of Barbute 1 - NPC
9. Garph, Human Cleric 1 - Art
10. Ronald the Delicate, Human Magic User 1, - Aaron
11. Yolo, Halfling Thief 1 - Dan D.
12. Ed, Donkey – Derek

Play Summary:
Party pooled their resources to pay a 600gp fee at the Temple of ??? to have the Dwarven Clerics there cast Cure Disease on Guy to remove the infection that befell him when he waded into the Bullywug Spawning pool in Session 79 in search of treasure.

Seer Shack
Green Potion = Potion of Gaseous form?
Gnoll Spellbook: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Burning Hands, Magic Missile

Session Mission Objective: Hexploration objective to explore the NW portion of the Swamps.

The Battle for H1
Savaged out the gate. The party was unlucky and encountered multiple troubles in H1. First Giant Worms followed by undead (3 skeletons and a zombie). After being badly wounded the party retreated back to town resting for 4 days (1gp per day cost to rest in reasonable accommodations). On the return to H1 beset by giant rats. Eventually overcoming all their foes the party left this accursed hex!
and a GFL - Giant Fucking Lizard.

Magic Fountain in H60
The magic fountain was found in Nemian ruins of white stone pillars and crumbling walls. The water appeared clear, cool and inviting as it burbled out of the fountain. There were signs of animals having drank the water. After testing the water with a spear Guy submerged his head and drank with gusto. Being rewarded withe the effects of a Potion of Heroism for 2 hours duration. The next 2 to drink was ? and nothing happened. Then Argen drank and he was able to see through Mr. Paggins (Wardog) eyes for an unknown duration. The pool then became murky. Perhaps we should revisit the fountian to see if its magical effects recharge?

Gnoll Patrol
A small patrol of Gnolls was encountered and dispatched in 2 rounds. Well done lads. Unfortunately they appear to be of the poor sort of Gnoll. Their meager loot will not slake this party of grave robber's thirst for filthy lucre.

Cultist Gold Shipment Intercepted!
While continuing our exploration of the Nemian swamps the party encountered eight black robed Cultists of Cernabog (hammer and skull unholy symbol). Meeting and engaging each other simultaneously the party managed a heroic feat of disabling 4 casters. First Bren blinded one cultist cleric by casting Light in his eye, Marmak maneuvered into position to throw a spear into the chest of another evil cleric! Then Yolo shot one right between the eyes with his crossbow and lastly Garph used Command word Sleep to disable the fourth caster. Had these evil clerics been able to work their vile magic the encounter might have gone far worse for our ranging shitlords!

Loot Haul
Note: All coin denominations have been totaled have been consolidated into GP value when possible.

Giant Fucking Lizard

Magic Fountain

Gnoll Patrol
4x Gnolls
1 (blue) Potion Bottle

Cultist Gold Shipment intercepted!
8x Cultists of Cernabog
8x Black robes - Claimed by Guy
Gold from baskets and on bodies: 356gp
1 Gold Bracelet: 200gp
1 Scroll
4 Chainmail (1/2 Value): 140gp
4 Studded Leather (1/2 Value): 60gp
8 Shields (1/2 Value): 40gp
8 Maces (1/2 Value) 20gp

Lessons Learned: We stumble into many encounters and may wish to employ a stealhty point man

Loot Share:
1070 gp/ 118gp ea.
GP is divided into 9 Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.

Loot XP:
113XP. 9x Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
54XP. 1x 1/2 Share for the surviving Man At Arms.

Monster kill XP:
52XP: Equal shares for each for all PCs and Henchmen.
25XP: Share 1 for the surviving Man At Arms.

Total Session XP, Loot XP + Monster Kill XP: ???
(Apply Attribute Bonuses 5% or 10% as appropriate.)

Funeral Pyre XP: N/A
Man at Arms, 50XP for 50gp burnt offering, PCs & Leveled Henchmen 100XP for 100GP burnt offering

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