Session Summaries

Session 84: This session was played on Tuesday, February 9 from 7-10pm.

Session 83: Placeholder

Session 82: Placeholder

Session 81: A Short Jaunt

Session 80: Savage out the Gate

Session 79: Frog Yeah!

Session 78: The Lost Tablets of the Man-Eating Lizardmen

Session 77: The Keys to Nemia

Session 76: A Barrow at last!

Session 75: Into the Mists

Session 74: The Lost City of Nemia Awaits!

Session 73: Further Forays in the Forbidden Caverns

Session 72: Shmash the beetles! Shmash them! Kunh! Kunh!

Session 71: An Ambush and Further Exploration of the Troll Lair

Session 70: A TPK and a Troll

Session 69: A New Forbidden Caverns Expedition!

Session 68: Forbidden Caverns Round Two

Session 67: The First Forway to the Forbidden Caverns of Archaia

Session 66: Wherein We Cast Resurrection on our Gaming Group

Session 65: Shintzella Dies is Enslaved at the End

Session 64: The Damn Dirty Apes Explore the Ruins

Session 63: A New Campaign to the Lost City of Thracia Begins

Session 62: Searching for the Ancient Temple of Moander

Session 61: Exploration of the Caverns of Archaia

Session 60: Moander's Minions

Session 59: The Surprise of the Stalagbites

Session 58: The Caverns of Archaia

Session 57: A New Campaign; or, By This Axe I Rule!

Session 56: The party (Mainly Gorgalach) runs the Gauntlet.

Session 55: Wight Night.

Session 54: The Pit of Chaos: Part Deux

Session 53: The Pit of Chaos

Session 52: Serendipity for Snake(s)

Session 51: The Crypt of Rendar Serouc

Session 50: Wight Just a Moment

Session 49: Ear Seekers

Session 48: They have a Cave Tro…Owlbear!

Session 47: The Return of the Bottomless Pit

Session 46: A Change of Pace

Session 45: Death by Dwarven Gas

Session 44: Rats, Bats and Mummified Cats!

Session 43: Treasure is found in the smelliest of places.

Session 42: The lost session.

Session 41: When looking at the ceiling goes awry…

Session 40: Wherein Cromwell gets beaten up by a wall.

Session 39: The Wrath of Ygg is found!

Session 38: A joke about crabs.

Session 37: Wherein Serge runs out of relatives.

Session 36: Wherein Sol Gets Touched in the Darkness

Session 35: The rust is mightier than the sword.

Session 34: And in the Darkness…Cromwell Touches Himself

Session 33: The Chisel is More Valuable than the Sword

Session 32: "The Two" venture north and east through Barrowmaze

Session 31: Cleave, Cleave, and More Cleave

Session 30: Delving Further into Barrowmaze

Session 29: "The Three" Hit Paydirt in Barrowmaze

Session 28: Oh those Coffer Corpses II

Session 27: Abraxas seeks the Barrowmaze to search for arcane lore

Session 26: Adventurers find eternal rest in Barrowmaze! Read all about it!

Session 25: T.P.K.

Session 24: The Ancient Obelisk


Session 22: Yet another group of dungeon-explorers (and Milren) brave Barrowmaze

Session 21: Wherein the party is slain…except Milren (who got lucky)

Session 20: Loot, Loot, and More Undead

Session 19: Oh those Coffer Corpses…

Session 18: A sliightly different crew enters Barrowmaze

Session 17: Crypt-robbing in Exploration of Barrowmaze continues…

Session 16: A new group of adventurers begins exploration of Barrowmaze

Session 15: The Hunt for Sir Galwaith Begins…and ends

Session 14: A Tale of Woe!; or, Sometimes the End (of The Syndicate) is Just the Beginning…

Session 13: The Syndicate return to the sewers below Threshold…where evil wererats and death await!

Session 12: The Syndicate of Swords (S.O.S) decide to pursue rumours in the sewers below Threshold

Session 11: Into the orc lairs!

Session 10: The party returns to the Caves of Chaos and heads directly to the…Lair of the Owlbear!

Session 09: The fellowship revisits the Caves of Chaos and probes the kobold defenses

Session 08: The party embarks on a new adventure…to the Caves of Chaos!

Session 07: The party removes the final taint from the lower crypts of the Iron God

Session 06: The party runs afoul of a massive horde of skeletons. Few live to tell the tale…

Session 05: Treasure found and zombies killed as the adventurers creep through the lower level

Session 04: The first level complete, the groups descends into the lower crypts

Session 03: The party deals with a large group of stinkin' goblins!

Session 02: Exploration of the first level (and experimentation with flaming oil) continues

Session 01: The adventurers head east from Threshold and enter the Tomb of the Iron God

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