Session 39

The Wrath of Ygg is found!

In this adventure, The party was beset by a group of foul necromancer of Set. As well as a runic golem. the runic golem killed Hal but everyone else survived. Cromwell managed to paralyze a necromancer of Set who was later interrogated. The party learned from him the general direction of the pit of chaos before he was handed over to the authorities. Through the reading of a runic tablet, kelg learned that the pit of chaos was opened by Nergul and that it functions as a kind of rift between the underworld and the regular world. Cromwell wished to close the pit as soon as possible so pushed the party to explore in the direction of the pit.


The pit of chaos was not encountered in this session but a couple of interesting room were found. A secret door leading to a coffer corpse was found. Cromwell turned the creature, and then the party lit it on fire. A large amphora filled with potion was found. The effect of the potion is as of yet unknown. it is being carried by Snake the halfling thief. The next interesting room was a very large hall lined with statues of female Valkyrie. Cromwell got Kilik a henchman magic-user to use the wand of detect secret doors. Sure enough, a secret door was revealed in this area. As the party carefully approached, two of the great Valkyrie statues animated and began attacking. In this battle, the party learned that their weapons were liable to shatter as the struck the great statues with them. Sol learned the hard way as his silver dagger +2 shattered immediately. kelg's silver warhammer +1 barely resisted the shattering effect [Greg rolled a 36 vs the 35% chance the weapon would break hurrah!]. After the staues were slain, the party opened the secret door. Inside the room was coated with massive amounts of dust, clearly the room had not been visited in centuries. At the end of the room was a large metallic chest. Probing this room for traps revealed that every inch of the floor shot up jets of flame when touched.

the party navigated the room as such. The magic user casted spider climb upon himself and climbed along the wall to the cchest. this revealed the chest was locked and chained to the ground. because of this the party could not move the chest easily. Sol came up with the idea of creating a bridge of rock along the floor to the chest using the pieces of the broken Valkyrie statues. it worked, and the highly nimble Kelg made his way over and filed through the chain on the other side. He then picked up the chest and made his way back. The halfling thief tried to unclock the chest but instead set off a poisoned dart. he survived but could not circumvent the lock. So, Sol attempted to crowbar open the chest, and he could not so Cromwell did. immediately, a clockwork cobra leaped out of the chest and pumped venom into Cromwell. thankfully Cromwell resisted and smashed the small golem snake. Inside the chest, the Wrath of Ygg was found with no other items or compartments in the chest. The party hurrahed and returned to town.

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