Smedly The Pit-Walker

Level 1 Elven Cleric of Mystryl (Deceased)

Player Alex
Character Smedly The Pit-Walker
Class Cleric (Mystryl)
Level 1
Title Acolyte
Alignment Neutral
Languages Elven, Common, Ancient Common
Abilities 1st Level Cleric Spells, Turn Undead, Elf Traits
Fear Factor 0
STR 10
INT 12
WIS 16
DEX 11
CHA 12
HP 6
AC 2
XP 942
GP 196

Smedly is a cleric devoted to the goddess Mystryl, He is known to some as "Smedly The Tolerable" due to his barely tolerable preaching and zealotry. However, more recently he has come to be known as "Smedly The Pit-Walker" as he narrowly escaped falling down a bottomless pit in session 18. Smedly hovered in front of a bottomless pit for almost a full 30 seconds before being pulled back by 3 of his comrades. Smedly attributes his continued survival to the intervention of Mystryl.

Smedly decided to adventure in the first place to gain coin so that he might erect a temple or shrine to Mystryl in her honor.

Wealth and Equipment:

Mace/Shield, Platemail

Backpack, 4 small sacs, —holy water (1), holy symbol of Mystryl (wood), holy symbol of Mystryl (silver), chalk, water-skin, rations, quill-scroll-ink, silk rope (50 ft.), grappling hook, oil (5), lock, lantern, hammer.

19 platinum pieces
6 gold pieces.

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