Snake Plisken

Level 5 Hobbit Thief


Player Dan B
Character Snake Plisken
Class Thief
Level 5
Title Cutpurse
Alignment Neutral
Languages Common, Thieves Cant, Halfling
Fear Factor
STR 10
INT 12
WIS 12
CON 11
CHA 11
HP 22
AC 4
XP 19193
GP 2639

+1 Studded Armour, Shadow Seeker - Stout Dagger +2 Not thorwn, Dagger +1, Wiz Bang - Magic Sling +1.

Gear: Daggers (4), Ring of Fire resistence, 12 oils, 3 cloves garlic, small steel mirror, bone dice, 5 torches, sandles of spider climb, waterskin, sacks, 50' rope, potion of invisivility, Fenris faithful compass,

Snake was killed by poison when struck by an Ion Cobra.

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