Sol the Bad Man

Level 3 Human Fighter

Player Dan D.
Character Sol Badgai
Class Fighter
Level 3
Title Sellsword
Alignment Neutral
Deity None
Languages Common, Violence
Special Cleave!
STR 15
INT 12
WIS 10
DEX 12
CON 10
HP 23
AC 2
XP 4872
Wealth Platinum: 222 Gold: 101 Silver: 4

Sol has a nefarious reputation for being generally unpleasant to work for. Often forcing poor hirelings to lead the way with the 10 foot pole and sift through all manner of entrails and decay for loot which Sol is quick to relieve them of after it's been wiped off on his henchman's tunic. Sol often goads hired men-at-arms into dangerous situations because he sees the value in a dead henchmen, as they can be looted for a refund on their hiring cost. Recently due to the shortage of men at arms (which Sol swears he doesn't know anything about!), he has begun "lending" better gear to his hired minions with the understanding that if they will be hunted down if they flee from the party while wearing valuable gear. Sol prefers to guard the rear of the party and make his way into the fray when he can flank his opponents. He owns an ornately crafted Broadsword (of the +1 variety) and is armored in plate mail and a classic viking helmet. He has been known execute devastating cleaving blows that rival his fellow warrior friend "Killer" Kelg. Sol enjoys gambling in shady establishments in his spare time.

Sol was killed by curiosity and Yellow Mold around Session 45.

Current Hireling: Durdir the Dwarf (Status Unknown)

Previous Hirelings:
Caldwell (Status: deceased)
Caldwell is a human man-at-arms who has been with Sol for several months now. His cowardice caused him to run screaming when things went slightly awry with Sapphire Skeletons, and was later tracked down at a brothel nude and missing all his expensive plate mail. Sol was more upset about the loss of the armor than he was glad to find Caldwell alive…. Caldwell met his end in Session 33 during combat with Sapphire Skeletons immediately after entering the Barrowmaze.

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