The Big Book Of The Dead


Muligan the Dwarf: Level 1 Dwarven Fighter (Deceased)

Scratch the Unlucky Number: Level 3 Halfling Thief (Deceased)

Serge: Level 1 Human Thief (Deceased)

Shaftilion: Level 1 Elf Thief (Deceased)

Smedly The Pit-Walker: Level 1 Elven Cleric of Mystryl (Deceased)

Snake Plisken: Level 5 Hobbit Thief

Sol the Bad Man: Level 3 Human Fighter

Stilgar the Ill-Tempered: Level 1 Human Barbarian (Deceased)

Theodwyn: Level 1 Elven Fighter (Deceased)

Tymor One-Eye: Level 1 Half-Elf Fighter (Deceased)

Ulfgar: Level 4 Dwarven Cleric of Klahngeddin.

Uthred: Level 2 Human Barbarian

Vith'aria the Magician: Level 3 Elven Magic-User (Deceased)

Zozimus the Acolyte: Level 1 Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

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Norda: Elf (F) Man-at-Arms

Ool: Human Man-at-Arms (Unknown - Presumed Dead)

Ordric from Mordric: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Parlo: placeholder…

Rothmak: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Rothmat: Human Man-at-Arms (Presumed Dead)

Samfirth: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Thurlin: Dwarven Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Ulix Orc-Slayer: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Werford: Human Man-At-Arms (Deceased)

Wermat: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

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Alwin: Human Torch-Bearer/Porter (Deceased)

Arik: Human Torchbearer (Deceased)

Baltag: Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Gomar the Gozarian: Human Torch-Bearer/Porter (Deceased)

Grubb: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Henx: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Kiltag: Human Torch-bearer (Deceased)

Margrim: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Mungo: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Pelwin: Human Torch-Bearer (Believed Dead)

Untag: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Wargash: Human Torch-Bearer (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)


Arnd Cobblestone: Level 2 Dwarven Cleric (Deceased)

Bryton of Mystral: Level 2 Human Cleric (Deceased)

Iressa: Level 1 human Female Fighter/Cleric (Deceased)

Norla of Many-Colours: Level 1 Human Illusionist (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

Sir Pellinore of Glastonbury: Level 1 Human Paladin (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

Vog: Level 1 Human Fighter (Deceased)


Grr Wuf Nub: A short lived Mongrel Man.

Stink Flipper: A Mongrelmen man that was paralyzed then subsequently charmed into the party's service in session 35. Harken ye and hear the tale of Stink Flipper, also know as Stinky, Flip and eventually Fish Stink. A beast like no other, the head of a Man and another an Elf. Hands of an Orc and Murfolk. Great for opening jars and swimming in circles. The body of a goblin housed these might appendages upon which sat the legs of a Dwarf and Troglodyte. Having the amazing abilities of all his parts, he was cut down too short by punching a Wight in the face. Big on brawn but not on brain you will be missed oh putrescent one.

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