The League Of Ordinary Gentlemen

The League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen is a (very) loosely organized mercenary guild in the Northern Reaches. The League provides a quick death employment for ne'er-do-wells and hobos who serve as men-at-arms, porters, torch-bearers, efc for adventuring companies and the protection of caravans.


We generate hirelings using Meatshields!: The Classic Fantasy Hireling and Henchman Generator. Hirelings come in three forms: non-combatant labourers, men-at-arms (human and demi-human), and henchmen (Cleric, Fighter, or Magic-User). The morale of your hirelings is subject to your charisma score. Hirelings with a high morale will stand and fight, hirelings with low morale will flee in the face of danger and death. If your character dies in the middle of an adventure you can play a man-at-arms.

The cost to recruit is 5gp for pamphlets, drinks at the tavern etc or 10gp to approach The League.

Hireling Type Rate of Pay? Treasure? Experience Points?
Torch-Bearers/Porters 5sp/day* No No
Man-at-arms 1gp (HU) or 3gp (DH)/day* No 1/2 of PC
Henchman n/a Full Full

*The first 3 day’s payment must be made in advance.

Upgrading the weapon or armour of a hireling/man-at-arms/henchman, or overpaying, may increase their morale score.

Men-at-arms begin play at -2035 experience points and henchmen begin play at zero experience points.

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