The Northern Reaches

Five years ago, Lord Stephen reclaimed a remote portion of his northern kingdom overrun by the Dragon Army. The Northern Reaches was once a prosperous region and home to a great dwarven kingdom as well as the human settlement of Threshold. The coming of the Dragon Army scattered the peaceful people of the area and the dwarven kingdom was abandoned. For years the goblins, orcs, ogres, and giants that swelled the Army's ranks occupied the region until Lord Stephen and his men-at-arms scattered the evil horde. Slowly, people returned to Threshold, but many of these were mere ruffians, seedy cutthroats, and lowly adventurers intent on making a few quick pieces of gold.

At this time, only half of Threshold is habitable, the other half remains completely destroyed, a legacy of the battles to take and retake the small northern city. Lord Stephen has placed Belrain the Elven, his brother-in-law, as Castellan of the city and Cardinal Ludwig oversees the re-establishment of places of worship. Despite efforts to establish order, the region is far from safe. The Dragon Army wasn't defeated outright and blood-thirsty monsters openly travel the region, destroy hamlets, and waylay merchants and travellers. Only the desperate, or the foolhardy, knowingly travel to The Northern Reaches.

You find yourself in A back-end town in the Northern Reaches, with little but the shirt on your back and the sword at your waist. Rumours speak of monsters, evil necromancers, and great treasures! Are you foolish brave enough to enter the vast frontier of the Northern Reaches?

The Northern Reaches Campaign is Greg's Red Box/LL picaresque fantasy game. This game draws inspiration from Chris' Black Peaks game at Red Box Vancouver.

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