Ulfgar Bloodstone

Level 3 Dwarven Cleric of Klahngeddin.

Player Alex
Character Ulfgar
Class Cleric
Level 3
Title Friar
Alignment Neutral
Languages Dwarven, Common, Ancient Common
Special Spells, Turn Undead, Dwarf Traits
STR 11
INT 10
WIS 15
CON 13
HP 21
AC 7
XP 3125
GP nil

Ulfgar is a dirty unwashed Dwarf with a greyish-white beard and a bald head, he worships Klahngeddin, the Dwarven deity of battle. Folk generally see him as ugly due to the many ghastly scars that cover his body. The fact that he is missing his right eye does not help matters either. This also gives him bad depth perception which hinders him in marksmanship and dodging. His personality is generally surly and he shows little patience towards non-dwarves and non-believers. He also has a fierce love of battle and treasure, hence is occupation as a battle-cleric and adventurer. He is fond of sayings such as "If you desire peace, then prepare for war" or "I'd rather live to fight another day. And another after that."

Gear: Hammer (5), Shield, Studded Leather.
Equipment: Backpack, Small Sacs (4), Holy Water, Holy Symbol (Klahngeddin), Chalk, Waterskin, Rations (7), Calltrops, Quill-Scroll-Ink.

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