Weapons And Armor

Broad Sword +1: Found in a barrow mound guarded by skeletal knights.

Chainmail +1: Chainmail +1.

Chainmail +1: Looted from an evil skeleton in session 34.

Dagger +1: Dagger +1

Helmet +1: The magic Helm of Sir Guy.

Leather Armor +1: Leather Armor looted from Barrowmaze.

Longsword +1: Looted from an evil skeleton in Session 34.

Magic Arrows: Arrows +1.

Platemail +1: Platemail +1

Shield +1: Shield +1.

Shield +1: Looted from a slain cleric of Orcus.

Silver Dagger +2: A sturdy silver dagger found amongst some burial alcoves.

Silver Spear +1: The silver spear head was found amongst some burial alcoves, the subsequently attached to a shaft in a late session.

Silver Warhammer +1: This magical warhammer was found by kelg in Barrowmaze. It was found hidden in a broken pile of runic tablets in Session 31.

Skullcrusher: Heavy Mace +1

Sling +1: Found amongst burial alcoves near the Obelisk room.

Studded Leather +2: Found in a Cave fisher's nest, in the caverns surrounding Barrowmaze.

The Iron Mace: Mace +1

The Notched Axe: Battle Axe +1.

The Wrath of Ygg: A magical mace with holy runes engraved upon its surface.

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