Zozimus the Acolyte

Level 1 Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

Player Daniel
Character Zozimus
Class Cleric
Level 1
Title Acolyte
Alignment Law
Deity St. Ygg
Languages Common
Spells Cure Disease, Detect Evil, Lay on Hands, Protections from Evil
STR 11
WIS 17
CON 18
CHA 13
Saving Throws
Breatth 16
Death 11
Stone 14
Wand 12
Spell 15
HP 11
AC 6
XP 121
GP 129
Gear Backpack, 4 small sacks, Holy Water, Holy Symbol, Chalk, Waterskin, Rations, Caltrops, Quill, Scroll Ink
Weapons & Armour Warhammer, Flail, Sling Chainmail

As a young cleric Zoz lived a sheltered life until his town was struck with a famine. His father asked him to leave, Zoz was never sure if it was to avoid feeding another child or for him to find his fortunes in the large world. Perhaps he would make an earning on a ship, as a scounderal or some hired help. Leaving his small farming community he was visciously attacked on the road by bandits and was saved and healed by the clerics of Ygg.

Owing his life to the older cleric, Zoz found his calling. Beginning as an errand boy he helped at the Chaple of the Cross during his early teens working to become an honourable cleric. Owing his life to Ygg and Father Anselm, the 25 year old Zoz went to Threshold where adventure awaited him.

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